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Category:Preservative Series

Other Name: 5-Ureidohydantoin;Glyoxylic acid diureide

                         2,5-Dioxo-4-imidazolidinyl urea

INCI Name : Allantoin

CAS No.: 97-59-6

Molecular Formula: C4H6N4O3

Molecular Weight:158.12

Technical Data Sheet

1.   Slight soluble in water,hardly soluble in alcohol and aether, soluble in hot water,hot alcohol and sodium

      hydroxide solution.

2.   Allantoin can promote growth of granulation tissue, inflammation, and promote skin metabolism, reduce

     chemical irritation to the skin, cosmetology and so on. Skin moisturizer, to prevent cracking of the skin with

     special effects.



White crystalline powder

Content ,%


Melting point , °C


Loss on drying ,wt%


Water ,%


pH value



1.   Promote tissue growth, soften keratin, highly moisturizing properties, enabling rapid wound healing. Not only a

      good skin wound healing agent, but also make the skin retain moisture, moist and supple. As same used in

     cosmetic skin care products.

2.   Also used for a variety of skin ulcers, trauma therapy and nutritional cosmetic additives.

3.   In agriculture: Allantoin is an excellent plant growth regulator, may stimulate plant growth, significant yield.


25Kgs/cardboard drum with PE inner bag.


Stored in dry and cool place, kept away from sunshine and rain.

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